Anti Ageing Treatment

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For us against maturing medications implies keeping up the elegance and deferring the showcase of the signs which advises that you will be a grandparent soon; we tell that we can't battle with the characteristic procedure yet can battle with the over head weights of the life, anxiety and some hormonal issues

Treatments which we offer are

Chemical Peels Radio frequency Microdermabrasion Lasers Botox and Fillers Photofacial


Botox and Fillers

BOTOX: More individuals are swinging to restorative specialists for revival systems to help their face mirror the way they feel inside. One such revival method is BOTOX treatment. It can be utilized to unwind the particular facial muscles that cause upper facial lines( crows feet , temple and glabellar scowl lines)to structure. best skin specialist​​ Q: How Is a Botox Procedure Performed? Synthetic Peels: Shallow skin scraped spot to evacuate the dead skin with the assistance of arranged chemicals is synthetic peel. Concoction peeling is an antiquated method which had been utilized for restoration and as anti ageing operator . It is really an utilization of the an operator of characterized quality to the skin which causes pulverization at the required profundity took after by redesigning without scaring..

we can utilize it for barely recognizable differences, wrinkles and few maturing spots. Peels are utilized to treat uneven, dull and pigmented skin . For different purposes, distinctive quality of the specialist is utilized . Shallow peeling gives smooth, fine and crisp look and is a lunch time method. The recovered skin is generally smoother and less wrinkled than the old skin Peels are utilized to treat sun harm, pigmentation, sun tans and notwithstanding maturing like scarcely discernible differences, wrinkles and so on Certain peeling operator is utilized to regard Acne also . Contingent on the seriousness of the condition quality, sort and profundity for the specialist is been dealt with. Melasma, spots and pigmentation spots brought on by skin inflammation are additionally being dealt with by Chemical peeling.


Anti Ageing Treatment


Pre strategy Regime is a standout amongst the most imperative thing which is being dealt with at our facility. Make-up, dust , creams and so forth are expelled from the wanted zone and he/she is made agreeable . Contingent on the issue, required operator/concoction peel is being connected with most extreme consideration. For certain and particular time the specialist is permitted to be there on the concerned range under the strict supervision to dodge any systemic lethality. After the required time, the specialist is killed to maintain a strategic distance from overabundance icing. Mitigating packs are connected on the skin for some time . Sunscreen is connected and patient is prepared to move … As we age, our appearances normally lose subcutaneous fat. The facial muscles are then working nearer to the skin surface, so grin lines and crow's feet turn out to be more obvious. You can get in touch with us for anti ageing treatment in chandigarh.

Dermal Filler:

The facial skin likewise extends a bit, adding to this loss of facial volume. Different components that influence the facial skin incorporate sun presentation, heredity, and way of life. "Photofacial" treatment conveys broadband light through the skin for Skin restoration. IPL reestablishes a young searching skin expected for photograph matured or sun harmed skin. It diminishes facial redness, decrease the presence of pigmented spots, enhance skin inflammation, lessen pore measure and enhance surface and barely recognizable differences.

Anti Ageing Treatment

IPL conveys high force beats of broadband light that is non-ablative, implying that is does not harm the surface of the skin. The exceptional light is conveyed to the more profound parts of the skin (dermis) and leaves the shallow part of the skin (epidermis) untouched. can annihilate red facial veins and flushing, enhance skin inflammation rosacea, treat unpredictable pigmentation, dull sun spots, and lessen fine facial lines.

Dermal fillers can be used to:

  • Plump thin lips
  • Enhance shallow contours
  • Soften facial creases and wrinkles
  • Improve the appearance of recessed scars


What is Photofacial

Patients with sun harmed skin, pigmented facial spots and amplified pores and drooping skin are great possibility for Photo facial. Patients with dull, got dried out skin and experiencing get-healthy plan are again perfect contender for Photo facial. If you don't mind AVOID sun tanning or direct sun introduction 2 weeks before the treatment. Attempt to maintain a strategic distance from grating skin items on the treated territory for 2-5 days before the medicines ,, for example, Retin-A, retinols, alpha hydroxys, glycolics. Fill us in regarding whether you are pregnant, or have a background marked by mouth blisters. Let us know whether you are taking any photosensitive drugs, for example, antibiotic medication.

How does PHOTOFACIAL work?

Darker compositions, tanned skin, splash tans or as of late tanned skin people are for the most part not great possibility for the treatment.

What are the advantages of Photofacial?

Amid treatment, a cool gel is connected to the treated range, then a beat of light like an elastic band snap is radiated from the handpiece. By and large no nearby soporific is required as most people endure the treatment well. After the session you may have some redness and feel like a sunburn for whatever is left of the day, yet there is NO DOWNTIME as individual come back to work the next day

Who is a good candidate for Photofacial

After maybe a couple medicines, your skin will have all the more even tone and a smoother look and feel. Sunspots will begin to blur and pores can turn out to be less obvious. Scarcely discernible differences and wrinkles may mollify after some time. These enhancements proceed with every treatment. Quiet with skin break out rosacea will see a lessening in facial redness as an aftereffect of every treatment.

How do I properly prepare for a session?

Enchantment polar, the most recent RF innovation saddling the advantages of RF innovation and disposing of thedrawbacks of past RF innovation, conveys the ideal RF vitality to the dermal and subcutaneous layers.

Who is NOT a good candidate for PHOTO FACIAL?

Controlled vitality is conveyed through three or more cathodes, focused amongst them, and targets just to the treatment region.

What areas of the body can be treated?

Face, neck and hands.

Uses the productive and impact demonstrated recurrence, 1 MHz for body forming, shaping, thinning and 2 MHz for skin fixing and collagen redesigning.

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